Here you will find the best of the best in Porsche restoration and detailing. Throughout the year we schedule events to offer the enthusiast activities to show their cars as well as learn more about the fine art of preparation & restoration. Join us throughout the season and enjoy your car with other Porsche owners and enter competitions, and fellowship with fellow club members.There are classes of competition for all members so come out have fun and don't worry that your car is not that perfect showroom condition

Our aim this year is to get all those cars parked along the sidelines to join us on the infield and participate. we will have workshops throughout the season that you will have the opportunity to attend and learn techniques on how to prepare your car for these events. Meet with other owners who will share their insights on their cars and are always happy to help other club members. In addition many of our supporting advertisers will be hosting workshops at their facilities offering professional advice to our members as a group.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our team members to discuss items of interest or to make suggestions for additional events or volunteering and getting more involved in this aspect of your club's activities. We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our many events..